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This website is operated by CUBA TRAVEL NETWORK, a division of CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK B.V. (subsidiary of CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V.). CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. and our affiliates offer you our products and services under the following Terms and Conditions. You must please read the Terms and Conditions before using our website for bookings. By making a reservation, you hereby accept the Terms and Conditions. You should not use the website in any way if you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Once you have made your reservation, the payment will be deducted from your credit card and you will receive email confirmation of the transaction from us. We accept the following debit or credit cards: VISA and MasterCard. Your payment will be to CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. The payment will be in the currency selected when you make the booking and will appear on your bill as CARIBBEANTRAVELNETWORK. Customers with bank accounts outside of Europe could be subject to additional charges for these transactions. Consult your bank for more information.

If you consider that the services offered don’t comply with the agreement between yourself and CUBA TRAVEL NETWORK, or in the case of objections or situations which prevent the normal development of services, you must immediately notify our local representative or our main office in Havana. Our contact details are available in the documents and reservation confirmation messages. The absence of this immediate notification will limit CUBA TRAVEL NETWORK in the search for a resolution. However, if after having contacted our local representative or our central Havana office, a resolution is not found, you may make a written complaint within 7 days following the end of the service in question. The ability to secure a conclusion to the matter will depend on the definitions and terms of the service provider (hotels, car rental agencies, airlines, etc)

Refunds will only be made back to the credit card used for your reservation. If for some reason the refund must be made by bank transfer, we will deduct any bank charges associated with this transfer from the refund owed to you. Our aim is to organize the refund within 24 hours after having offered you a resolution to your claim.
Although we strive to guarantee the availability of reserved services, on occasion, errors may occur. Once we realize there is an error, we will do all that is reasonably possible to inform you during the 48 hours before your reservation begins. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation and reimburse you the total amount paid, at no extra charge to you.

Below you will find the specific conditions associated with vehicle hire operated by CUBA TRAVEL NETWORK

Please bear in mind that prices are not guaranteed until the payment is made and accepted by CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. The prices shown are subject to changes but will be confirmed during the reservation process. Besides the price of the rental, surcharges may be applied for our reservation services. All the charges will be shown during the reservation process.

In the case of making a claim, it will be binding, in addition to meeting the conditions set out in the general Terms and Conditions, to present the lease document signed by the customer when collecting the car.

The following charges must be paid directly to the car hire company when the vehicle is collected:

1. Guarantee Deposit (Refundable to your credit card), Liability Waiver, and Additional Driver (According to the hire car company and the vehicle category):
Category Refundable Credit Card Guarantee Deposit Additional Driver
(Per Day)
Economy 150.00 CUC 3.00 CUC
Medium 200.00 CUC 3.00 CUC
Medium High 250.00 CUC 3.00 CUC
Jeep Standard High 250.00 CUC 3.00 CUC
Premium 250.00 CUC 3.00 CUC
Van 250.00 CUC 3.00 CUC

Cars Conditions
Car Rental Company: REX
Category Refundable Credit Card Guarantee Deposit Liability Waiver
(Per Day)
Additional Driver
B- Medium cars 200.00 CUC 20.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
C/c- Standard cars 200.00 CUC 20.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
D- Standard High 250.00 CUC 25.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
E- Premium 250.00 CUC 30.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
F/f- Luxury 450.00 CUC 35.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
G/g- Jeep 250.00 CUC 30.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
H- Minivan 250.00 CUC 30.00 CUC 10.00 CUC
I- Sport 450.00 CUC 40.00 CUC 10.00 CUC

Car Conditions
Car rental Company: Rent a car VIA
Category Refundable Credit Card Guarantee Deposit Liability Waiver
(per day)
Additional Driver
Economy 200.00 CUC 10.00 CUC 30.00 CUC
Medium 200.00 CUC 10.00 CUC 30.00 CUC
Medium High 200.00 CUC 15.00 CUC 30.00 CUC
Family 350.00 CUC 20.00 CUC 30.00 CUC
4 x 4 200.00 CUC 10.00 CUC 30.00 CUC
SUV 200.00 CUC 15.00 CUC 30.00 CUC

2. An extra charge of CUC$20 is applied by Cubacar/Havanautos/Rex if the vehicle is collected from an Airport.
3. One-way vehicle drop-offs carry a surcharge of between CUC$10 and CUC$250 depending on the distance between the pick-up and the drop-off (only when applied)
4. A full tank of gas: called gasolina especial 1.20 CUC per Litre, or DIESEL 1.10 CUC per Litre.

*Charges payable directly to the car rental company upon car collection can normally be paid by credit card. However, due to technical or other difficulties sometimes credit card payments cannot be processed. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you arrive at the car rental office with enough cash (Cuban Convertible Pesos) to cover all extras and the guarantee deposit.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
The payment is only for the vehicle hire. You must pay directly to the car hire company, at the moment of collecting the vehicle, the following charges: insurance (liability waiver), fuel in the tank, additional driver (if you wish to pay for this service), and guarantee deposit (according to the car hire company terms).

The following cancellation terms apply once you have paid for the reservation:
- If you cancel the reservation within 15 days prior to the beginning of the service, the penalty cost is one day of rental. That is to say that we will reimburse you the total monies paid minus the value of one day’s vehicle rental.
- If you cancel the reservation from within 17 hours prior to the start of the first day of the rental service or, in case of a ‘no-show’ (failure to turn up on the day and at the appointed hour to collect the vehicle), the penalty is equivalent to two days’ vehicle hire. That is to say that we will reimburse you all the monies paid minus the equivalent of two days’ vehicle hire.

In addition to our Confirmation Email sent at the end of the reservation and payment process, on occasion, and depending on the car hire company, you will receive an electronic voucher from the provider. Both documents must be printed and presented to the car hire company on collection of the vehicle. CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. and its associates do not accept any responsibility for delays or problems during the collection of the vehicle, if you do not present these documents to the supplier.

The appointed car driver must have a driving license, been driving for at least two years and be more than 21 years old.

For reservations made for services with initial date from November 1st, 2017, new terms and conditions will apply. You will be able to revise these conditions during your booking process. (Applies only for CAR RENTAL VIA bookings)

You agree to be subject to the following obligations, including and without limitation: You assume financial responsibility for all the transactions made in your name or your account.
For any purchase, you must be at least 18 years’ old and to be able to make the purchase for personal use and have the legal capacity to make the transaction. You guarantee that all the information you submit is true and exact.
To submit incorrect credit card information, or an incorrect billing address for credit cards, or an incorrect amount to be debited could result in delays in the sending of your travel documents and an increase in price. Please ensure that the information you submit corresponds to that which appears on your bill from your credit card. We also reserve the right to cancel your reservation after your transmission if the payment is not forthcoming, or if you submit incorrect information about the ownership of the card. You may not modify, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, exhibit, sublicense, nor reproduce the website nor its contents in any way, except in case of the need to make copies for your personal use, and without commercial intent.
The information and/or prices that are shown on the website are updated on occasion, and therefore, may have varied by the time you come to make your reservation for your vacation, or make your plans. Unfortunately, although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all this information and prices, sometimes errors are made. However, you must ensure that you revise all details of your vacation or trip that you select (including the prices) at the moment of making the reservation.
The website is offered in the state and availability at the moment of access. We do not accept any responsibility related to your ability to access or use the website in any moment, nor in the case of any interruption to your access or use, nor in any errors made when making a transaction. We guarantee that the Site is free from information viruses and other properties that may cause loss or damage.
If you are a citizen of the United States of America, it is your responsibility to obtain the pertinent documentation required by the Government of the United States of America for travel to Cuba. CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V nor its distributors assume responsibility of any type if you do not obtain the pertinent documentation prior to your trip to Cuba. CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V nor its associates will be responsible for any fine or demand made by the Treasury Department of the United States of America resulting from your trip to Cuba.

You are totally responsible for the content sent to our sites, especially, but not limited to, your comments about the products or commercial services. It is totally prohibited to send or transmit to our sites (i) any threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic information or other material or content that violates advertising rights and/or privacy rights or that violates any law; (ii) any material or commercial content, including but not limited to, the solicitation of funds, advertising or marketing of any product or service; and (iii) any material or content that infringes, misappropriates or violates any copyright, trademark, patent right or any other proprietary right of any third party. You are fully responsible for any damages resulting from any violation of these restrictions, or any other harm resulting from your sending content to our sites.
You acknowledge that CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. can exercise its rights (eg, publish, delete) any content received from you, without you being notified of our actions.

We operate both as an intermediary agency and as a supplier. This means that where we act as an intermediary agency we are a public agent for third party suppliers such as tour operators, hotels, car rental companies, carriers, airlines etc. This means that the contract for the product is between you and the supplier. However, we assume liability to you, if we have been negligent, we have misrepresented important information, or have been in breach of any other relevant law.

There will be no contract between you and CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. nor its affiliates, for the sale made to you of any product unless CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. accepts your reservation via email confirming your reservation and communicates to you a unique confirmation code. Acceptance will be deemed complete and will be deemed effectively communicated to you, for all purposes, at the time that CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. sends you the email, regardless of whether you receive it or not.

CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. and its suppliers have taken reasonable care to ensure that the content of the Website, including all hotels, flights, airlines, vehicle rental information and other information is accurate. CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. publishes such information in good faith. No warranties or promises are made and/or statements of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the accuracy of any information contained in this site or its nature, quality, reliability, or any other service offered by us or our name, and we do not undertake to update this information. You use this Site at your own risk. All general information provided by this site is provided for guidance purposes only and is subject to change at any time. We recommend checking with the destination, your embassy, or tourist office to confirm that these guidelines are updated. In particular, with respect to visa and passport requirements, CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. does not guarantee the shipment of any passenger whose passport is not valid, or who does not comply with the visa requirements of the destination, nor guarantees the effect on vehicle hire or other vehicles on customers who do not have a valid driver's license or other necessary documentation.

CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. makes every effort to ensure that the information you exchange with us online, including personal data and information from your credit card, be treated with all possible security to protect the information sent from your browser to our systems.

Any software made available for download from this Website ("Software") is copyrighted by CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. and its Affiliates, and/or our respective suppliers.
The use you make of such Software is governed by the final consumer license agreement, if there is one, which accompanies, or is included in the Software (License Agreement). You may not install or use any Software that is accompanied by, or includes a License Agreement, unless you first accept the terms of the License Agreement. In the case of any Software made available to download from this Website without a License Agreement, we will give you, the user, a limited, personal, non-transferable license to use the Software on display or other type of use of this Website in accordance with these terms and conditions, and for no other purpose.

Under no circumstances shall CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. or its subsidiaries or partners be liable for any delays, accidents, losses, changes of schedules, damages (whether direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, significant, or otherwise) because of, or in any way related to, the use of, or inability to use, this website, or any other information, software, products or services obtained through or otherwise linked to this Website, in each case regardless of whether such damages are based on contract, violation, strict liability or other theories of liability.

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These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Curaçao and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Curaçao.

The fulfillment of this agreement by CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. is subject to existing laws. Nothing contained in this agreement/text abolishes the rights of CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. to comply with legal requirements or requirements relating to your use of this website or information provided to or collected by, CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. with respect to your use of this site.

If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that any provision of this agreement/text is invalid or unenforceable as provided by applicable law, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Any provision of this agreement is deemed void or unenforceable as required by applicable law, including but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, and will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision to effect that comes closest to the intent of the original provision.

If, as a result of Force Majeure, CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. is obliged to curtail, alter or cancel a reservation and/or any of the services agreed, the partner and/or customer will not be entitled to claim compensation for any losses caused by the above restriction, alteration or cancellation. The term "Force Majeure" includes, but is not limited to, Acts of God, natural disasters, fire and any other destruction of any accommodation booked, riots, acts of civil or international war, natural disasters, fires, exercise of municipal authority, legislative authority, military authority or otherwise, strikes, industrial action or any other reason beyond the control of CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V.

CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. This agreement cannot be modified in any way without prior consultation and agreement with CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V.

These Terms and Conditions of Use contain the entire agreement between CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V. and the Customer and replace any prior understanding or agreements (whether oral or written) on the subject, and cannot be corrected or modified unless expressly agreed in writing with CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V.

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